Veterinary Products

Check here the different product range of ANI Healthcare available for cattle. Providing quality products is our motto.

13 B VET 30MLMethylcobalamin With B-Complex Inj30 ML120
23 B VET XP 10MLMethylcobalamin With B-Complex Inj.10 ML89
33 B VET-XP 30MLMethylcobalamin 2500 mcg/ml Inj.30 ML225
4ANIVITA-H 5MLVit. A,D3,E & H Inj.5 ML45
5CEFOSAL 4.5 GMCefoperazone + Sulbactum Inj.4.5 GM290
6E KLOT 20MLEtamsylate 125mg+ Methylparaben+ Propylparaben20 ML65
7LACTO CAL. 30MLCalcium Gluconolactobionate Inj.30 ML46
8MECTIK 10MLIvermectin 1% inj10 ML130
9MECTIK 30 MLIvermectin 1% Inj.30 ML260
10MECTIK 100MLIvermectin 1% Inj100 ML600
11ALVICEF VET 3GMCeftriaxone I.P 3000mg5 ML210
12NROFLOX INJ. 100MLEnrofloxacin 10% Inj.100 ML150
13P P VET 100 MLPiroxicam + Paracetamol Inj.100 ML195
14P P VET 30 MLPiroxicam + Paracetamol Inj.30 ML90
15VET-C 2MLAscorbic Acid Inj. 2ml3*2ML60
16VET-C 30MLAscorbic Acid Inj. 30ml30 ML75
17VINMOX FORTE 4.5 GMAmocycilin 3 + Sulbactum 1.54.5 GM210
18VINMOX FORTE 3 GMAmocycilin 3 + Sulbactum 14.5 GM170
19ANILYTEHigh Energy Electrolyte Supplement3*50GM60
20ANIVITE STRONG 1KGChelated- Vitamins + Minerals Premix1 KG205
21ANIVITE STRONG 5KGHigh Energy Electrolyte Supplement5 KG850
22ANIVITE STRONG 25KGChelated- Vitamins + Minerals Premix25 KG3560
23HEPOFEROL 200 MLLiver Tonic with Iron Syrup200 MK65
24HEPOFEROL 500MLLiver Tonic with Iron Syrup500 ML135
25HEPOFEROL 1LLiver Tonic with Iron Syrup1 L195
26HEPOFEROL 5LLiver Tonic with Iron Syrup5 L810
27LACTO CALCIUM GELOral Calcium gGel With Phosphorus,Vitamin A,B12,D3,Biotin & L-ArginineLiver Tonic with Iron Syrup300 GM170
28LACTO CALCIUM 1LCalcium Suspension (Chelated)1 L170
29LACTO CALCIUM 2LCalcium Suspension (Chelated)2 L270
30LACTO CALCIUM 5LCalcium Suspension (Chelated)5 L700
31LACTO CALCIUM GOLD 1LDouble Strength Calcium Suspension with Vitamins,Galactogogues &Protein1 L210
32LACTO CALCIUM GOLD 2LDouble Strength Calcium Suspension with Vitamins,Galactogogues &Protein2 L350
33LACTO CALCIUM GOLD 5lDouble Strength Calcium Suspension with Vitamins,Galactogogues &Protein5 L830
34LACTO CALCIUM GOLD 10LDouble Strength Calcium Suspension with Vitamins,Galactogogues &Protein10 L1599
35LACTO CALCIUM GOLD 20LDouble Strength Calcium Suspension with Vitamins,Galactogogues &Protein20 L3690
36MASROK 50 GMPreparation For Checking Early Stage Of Mastitis10*50 GM600
37MULTIHIT VET 200MLMultivitamin With Betaine Syrup200 ML190
38MULTIHIT VET 500MLMultivitamin With Betaine Syrup500 ML425
39MULTIHIT VET 1 LMultivitamin With Betaine Syrup1 L795
40MULTIHIT VET 60MLMultivitamin Multimineral & Betaine Syrup60 ML95
41APABOOST BOLUSAppetite Booster25*41225
42LACTO CALCIUM D.S. BOLUSCalcium With Vitamin Bolus10*1200
43BOLUSVitamin, Mineral & Herbal Bolus For Infertility And Anoestrus Conditions3*4105
44NOR-TIN Z BOLUSNorfloxacin And Tinidazole With Lactic Acid Bacillus5*4450
45MULTIHIT PETMultivitamin Tablets For Pet60 TABS190
46HELMIKILL-FIFenbendazole & Lvermectin bolus10*1650
47BANN-HIT 100 GMAyurvedic Preparation For Impaction, Bloat & Constipation100 GM50
48PROLAP-BANAyurvedic Preparation For Prolapse Of Uterus200 GM110
49TOPHEAL SPRAYHerbal Spray For Wound Healing100 ML145
50TOPHEAL SPRAYHerbal Spray For Wound Healing250 ML260
51ZER-RIDAyurvedic Uterine Cleanser1 L180
52ZER-RIDAyurvedic Uterine Cleanser500 ML110

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