PCD Franchise Veterinary


Ani Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a well reputed company in pharmaceutical and veterinary products .

We welcome all Pharma and Veterinary dealers as well as distributors, from all over India, to seek franchisee for our products for their specific regions.

Ani Healthcare Pvt Ltd is among the leading names of PCD companies and Veterinary Manufacturing in India. We are a trusted name engaging in the ethical solutions to all pharmaceutical issues.


About Ani Healthcare Pvt Ltd

We were incorporated as a private limited company. We have a national network of franchisees for marketing our own Veterinary products and pharmaceuticals. Our range includes Tablets, Capsules, Boluses, Soaps, Syrups , calcium , powders and injections.


Advantages of our PCD franchise For Pharmaceutical and Veterinary

Becoming a franchise partner of Ani Healthcare Pvt Ltd is definitely going to benefit you in multiple ways. You are going to have a better access to approved drugs. Your business is going to be exposed to innovations in the field of pharmaceutical with our PCD Franchise.


By being our franchisee partner, you get the following benefits –


  • Competitive prices on net rates.
  • Providence of visiting cards, drug description manuals, visual aids, medical and literature, glossaries, pens, bags, gift items, etc.
  • Benefits upon the completion of targets
  • Free gift schemes and other promotion schemes.
  • Exclusive marketing and distribution rights for a particular region
  • Maximum support from the professional experts at Ani Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Pharma PCD Franchise States

We are looking for  PCD Franchise establishments in following States and Union Territories of India:


1 Andhra Pradesh 17 Madhya Pradesh
2 Arunachal Pradesh 18 Maharashtra
3 Assam 19 Manipur
4 Bihar 20 Meghalaya
5 Chandigarh 21 Mizoram
6 Chhattisgarh 22 Nagaland
7 Delhi 23 Odisha(Orissa)
8 Goa 24 Punjab
9 Gujarat 25 Rajasthan
10 Haryana 26 Sikkim
11 Himachal Pradesh 27 Tamil Nadu
12 Jammu and Kashmir 28 Telangana
13 Jharkhand 29 Tripura
14 Karnataka 30 Uttarakhand
15 Uttar Pradesh 31 West Bengal
16 Kerala


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